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Career Fluency HQ

Career Fluency HQ

Custom Lesson Management System

Built for The Opportunity Network via CauseLabs. Featuring course catalogs, cohort enrollments, lesson slide-shows and ratings, course knowledge checks and assessments, support for SCORM media animations, statistics, XLS reports and a fully functional CMS back-end.

Deployed on Amazon AWS for performance and scalability using a CDN and S3 bucket for media storage and delivery, and a load balancer with support for SSL certificates.

Keywords: LMS, CMS, Laravel, PHP7, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, Vue.js, AWS


REST API to support mobile and web applications

Development of a full REST API for the MoneyThink project through the CauseLabs web agency. Designed as a replacement for the Parse platform, it supports thousands of monthly users and three client applications: iOS, Android and web.

To ensure the best performance while keeping development pace, I have used Doctrine over MySQL. For the best multi-client support, I implemented the HAL+JSON specification recommended by the framework of choice: Apigility.

Keywords: REST API, ZF 2, Apigility, HAL+JSON, Doctrine, MySQL, PHP, AWS
Easycycle, the lead e-bikes shop in French Switzerland
2010 - 2017


The leader e-bikes shop in French Switzerland

Based on a custom framework architecture on LAMP, this web catalog is constantly evolving in an Agile fashion. Last sprint: Responsive Revamping.

In addition to back and front-end development this project requires a whole set of concerns to consider: SEO, usability, cross-browser and multi-platform compatibility, social media integration, performance, scalability, administration interfaces, statistics and mobile compatibility.

Keywords: custom architecture, usability, web catalog, SEO, PHP, MySQL, Responsive
Comodoro, a Task & Project Manager for Micro-Companies


Comodoro, a Task & Project Manager for Micro-Companies

Comodoro lets you effectively pilot your projects, making you more aware of your work in progress. It provides a better insight of the health and status of your ongoing projects, in a glimpse.

Offered as a Software as a Service platform, it is ideal for start-up's, freelancers and individuals.

Keywords: project manager, task manager, SaaS, Micro-Companies, Ruby on Rails, EmberJS
Advertalia, a geosegmented advertising platform


A geosegmented advertising platform

Advertalia smartly puts in contact webmasters and local advertisers. By installing the Advertalia API client on the webmaster's website, their visitors will be able to purchase advertising slots in the site through the Advertalia service. The announces, activations and payments are all managed by Advertalia without any overhead for the webmaster.

This service is intended for geosegmented websites where the contents are clearly categorized geographically.

Keywords: geosegmented websites, advertising platform, API, PHP, Yii, MySQL, web service
Climaps, a visualization tool for high density meteorological data


A visualization tool for meteorological data

Based on a high performance MySQL database designed to manage millions of daily new registers, this application has been conceived to show the high density data from Sensorscope's meteorological stations on nearly real-time.

In a close integration with the server layer, this application counts with a constellation of maintenance scripts written in several languages that allow features like user alarms, data cubes and fast data recovery queries.

Keywords: MySQL, Sharding, CodeIgniter, PHP, JavaScript, server scripting, SMS/voice platform
Genius Live, a social collaboration module for Genius Project

Genius Live

A social collaboration module for Genius Project

Genius Live forms part of the suite for project and portfolio management (PPM) Genius Project. It has been specifically designed for this idiosyncrasy and built on top of existing systems and technologies.

Provided a back-end API on a Lotus Notes system, this module has been built purely as a front-end application powered by the framework Dojo. It has been adapted to a custom client-side MVC JavaScript application architecture.

Keywords: social collaboration, Dojo, DTL, JavaScript MVC, AJAX/J, server API, Lotus Notes
Fivorit, a social network about top 5 lists


Share your top 5 lists with your social network

Fivorit started as a pet project and is gradually becoming a reality, to be released by late 2013. It is a new concept of social network based on users' preferences - their top five lists on several topics.

It is built on a custom PHP MVC Framework developed for the occasion (MVCLight) and will be installed on a cloud hosting provider once in production, so that it remains scalable, in prevision for a massive use. Now in alpha version, the very first user's feedback is being analyzed and integrated.

Keywords: social network, top 5, MVCLight, PHP, MySQL, cloud hosting
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Cometa in short



A completely tailored solution with your participation in the different stages from conception and design to development.



We will adapt the budget and assigned resources according to your particular needs given the circumstances.



Our methodologies and tools will give you a global vision and control on the works being accomplished at any time.

Performance and durability


Scalability, performance and maintenability are highlighted resulting in stable and long-lasting applications.

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Cometa's methodology

Working in sinergy with you


Using modern and agile methods, you participate in the design, conception and development processes for your web or mobile application. We can adjust together the priorities and adapt the scope to ensure the outcome is as much valuable to you as possible.



After an initial agreement on priorities, budget and project scope, you can supervise the work progress with the provided tools. You will no longer be surprised by changing needs or business requirements: we embrace change, adapt strategies, and let you check how deadlines are being met.

Long-term relationship

Long-term engagement

Cometa's services are not limited to materialize your project. We can become your externalized webmaster while still getting involved in the success of your Internet activity. We think your success is our success and engage with you to achieve it.

Multidisciplinary team

Multidisciplinary team

Cometa is a network of professionals offering a complete Internet experience: engineering, programming, design, databases, servers, hosting, domain names, optimization for search engines, web standards, social networks, mobile development, and more.

Long-lasting architecture

Long-lasting architecture

Cometa builds applications that support large amounts of data and traffic volumes, while respecting the maintainability of the software. We choose the right technology and tools for the work and not the other way around, resulting in specifically efficient solutions.

Certified quality


Compliance with the standards of the W3C ensures cross-platform compatibility, and improves the natural positioning of your company in the search engines. All modern browsers including those on mobile devices can understand standard interfaces.

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